We have worked a lot on the not yet finished section of sponsorships. Here will introduce the future godchildren, find a sponsor and then place them into the News under Sponsorships – http://www.starsofvietnam.net/category/neue-patenkinder/ .

As soon a sponsor has been found, the children will be listed in “Sponsor found“.

In the next two to three weeks we will get an overview of all children online. However, this new tool is not just an overview of the children, but there will be a management tool for the sponsors and children. There registered user section for the sponsors, where the sponsors can maintain their own data (e.g. for address changes, arranging contact witht the child). There will be a small e-mail system included. The emails will then be transmitted to the SoV team onsite and placed on to your sponsored cildren.

This tool shall be used to process the entire sponsorships. The sponsor should not notice to much of it, but more the team of SoV. This tool is than seen as another big step towards the systematization of processes. There is small catch on it – it only will be available in English, so that the reach is extended and we can include English speaking sponsors.

As soon this system is ready, we come back to you.

Until then our fans and sponsors can ever look at the new forum, and register if necessary. About this forum you can talk as godfather to the SoV team directly above the interests of the child, plus there is a separate secured areas. In addition, the sponsor can share and mutually share information or ideas „be the Godfather.“ Find the forum here : http://forum.starsofvietnam.net