DSCF3488Joy and horror so close together …

Dear sponsors, donors, and supporters.

On September the 7th, we spend the whole day visiting some of the SoV Children

A day shaken by joy and sorrow.

Ha and Giang (see website July 31st “Ha and Quang”)

SoV visited Ha, his sister Giang and their father. To our great delight very much changed and improved for the family. A first step is done, but still not sufficient.

A great credit to VTV 6, who now cooperates with SoV. This television station has accompanied us since the last donation handout in Hai Duong and has again filmed the story of Ha. As a result people from the local area now support them with food and sometimes some money. One of the supporters provides currently a small house and so they have now a roof over their heads. They are very scared to loose their “home” and we observing this matter closely. Also a neighbor woman with her husband support the family with their strength even they themselves live on the breadline.

A small light: Ha visits the school regular and can follow excellently. He enjoys it and wears his NEW school uniform with a lot of proud. He now has a bit more time for learning, as SoV supports him on a monthly basis and gives him so a chance. Also Giang (sister) is now better of. As a next step, SoV will take responsibility, that she also can join the school. YES, THERE IS SOME LIGHT.

The dark side: Unfortunately their mother is still ill and costs for the treatments are not always covered. However, she needs the treatment to survive. SoV will look for sponsors. A lot has been done and we hope that we soon can visit the mother in the hospital. We now have to make our own conclusion of her state.

About the health of the father: He is week and lets nobody note it. As the kids have left the room, he tells us his story. He has worked in the coffee farms of southern Vietnam. He suffers from stomach and lung problems which might be caused by the pesticides there used. According to his statements, he was exposed to large quantities of pesticides (It was never as recognized and is therefore an assumption)

Conclusion.: The yesterday handed out 2’063’000 VND are needed for the survival of the family.

A thank you the sponsors and donors. Thank you.

A first step for Ha and Giang with special thanks to the Stars Of Vietnam. They get their chance and we strive to ensure that this story will end well.