In mid-July, we started off with not much more than a lot of enthusiasm and the idea to bring Stars Of Vietnam into the focus of the world. Within a short time, we managed to raise awareness of many people for the sake of “our children” and for a number of the children, we also managed to find sponsors.

Fairly quickly, we noticed that with that many helpers and enthusiastically people this system across borders, all the ideas and inputs required a certain communication channel. Once for all and forever, it would be a shame to lose any idea , but also the lack of or inadequate or duplicate communication is wasting to much time, of which we the volunteers don’t have enough.

Therefore, we have decided against previous planes, to reinstate and build up a forum for the Stars of Vietnam.

This forum is supposed as to act as a simple simple communication channel as well as as to exchange information and ideas between the Starts of Vietnam and all interested people.

The central mission of the forum will be the information flow from the Stars of Vietnam team to the the sponsors of the children; each child sponsor will have his/her sub-forum pass on direct questions in relation to his/her sponsored child. This area is only accessible for sponsors and the Team of Stars of Vietnam. If possible, we will try and get the parents of “your” child to participate in this forum.

In a further area, only for the child sponsors, sponsors can exchange information about themselves as well as the children. Why is this area not public? It is surely not always possible, to exchange complex information, without publishing personal information of the children. Therefore, this section is only for accessible for the sponsors of the children.

We like to advise the forum users, that this forum should not turn into a platform for common subjects about Vietnam. We will attempt to recognize in each post some connection to Starts of Vietnam, however, where that is not possible, the topics shall be removed. For common themes about Vietnam, there are many addresses like

. Like in each part of our new structure, we will make mistakes and ask you, to point point for us mistakes and errors. We ask you to be patient and we strive to correct all errors and mistakes as fast as possible.

Especially in respect to the sponsored children, we will aim to answer each post in the none public area within 48 hours, and we ask once more, to give us the time.

Within the coming 2 weeks, we strive to activate more tools online to ease the pressure on neuralgic points. This this point we will provide information at a later time.

With all those online tools, we also want to set signals, that we are aware of the responsibility, we we have taken for all those kids.

The forum is here: