Pham Thanh Huong

An emergency – another achievement, but nevertheless needs more help …

It’s about the girl Pham Thanh Huong, who was born on 25.10.2003.

She can see shadows and is a nystagmus patient (strong nystagmus).But she has a much larger problem than their blindness. She was operated on her heart at the age of 6 years, because of a heart valve defect. After the operation she was able to speak well. It currently seems to be lost again due to lack of treatment and medication.


She needs to see a specialist in Hanoi or Hai Phong every 3 month. She needs medications EVERY! Day … BUT neither medicine, doctor visits or another required OP can the parents affort. If no operation is done, the risk of cardiac arrest in the near future is very high.

Gladly we have found a strong and reliable sponsor. Thanks to the initiative and the great work of Andreas Nguyen, he and his employer – the Law Office of Michele Vurchio in Berlin, sponsored Huong. Thanks to your efforts you are now our STARS OF VIETNAM!

Despite those donations, the costs required for operations are still not paid for, so we still dependent on more sponsors and donations.
We can do it together. We the Stars of Vietnam want to ensure the survival of this young girl and give her everything for a bright future. If you know any companies that wish to participate in this action … send them to us. Time is running very fast and unfortunately … very fast.